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The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia

The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia

The Museum of Contemporary History of Russia has been opened in 1924 on Tverskaya Street in the building that is considered an architectural monument of late classicism of the XVIII century. The museum's collection of political history is as bizarre as the history of the country itself. It involves instruments of terror and revolutionary struggle such as homemade guns, Mausers, bayonets and even dynamite as well as archives of revolutionaries - from populists and anarchists to the Bolsheviks. A special place in the collection is devoted to the gifts to heads of the Soviet state: bombs and guns, a pipe under the name "Stalin and Truman playing chess," tusk in the "palace style" (the gift of the XX Congress of the Communist Party of Party of Vietnam), and much more. In addition, there is the most complete collection of Soviet propaganda posters and monuments of military history: the banner of the Civil and the Great Patriotic War medals.

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Address: Tverskaya, 21
Subway: Tverskaya (2nd line)
Phone: +7 495 699 54 58
Site: www.sovr.ru
E-mail: sovrhistory@mail.ru