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Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center

Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is the first Russian museum, which collection is based not on the artefacts, but on interactive gadgets. This is one of the most modern museums not only in Russia, but also in the world. The history of the Jewish people - from creation to the present day - is told by means of interactive installations, sounds and videos . Each of the many rooms of the museum has its own style and is dedicated to different periods of the Jewish people life in Russia. The interactive exhibits are absolutely the main highlight of the museum. In the 4D- cinema the water of the Flood is splashing and the wind of the desert is blowing; the square of the small town comes alive and the traditional music starts to play; the family is saying a prayer over a cup of wine and the city sounds with millions of voices. As soon as you touch the water surface , the old photographs will appear instead of your own reflection. This is a real time machine.

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12.00 - 22.00
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Address: Obrazcova, 11
Subway: Maryina Rosha (10th line)
Phone: +7 495 645 05 50
Site: www.jewish-museum.ru
E-mail: info@jewish-museum.ru