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The Moscow Kremlin is a majestic and grandiose citadel standing on a high bank of the Moscow River. It has always been an enduring reference point for the city and the country in g ...

Address: Moscow, Kremlin
Subway: Biblioteka imeni Lenina
Phone: +7 495 695-41-46
Site: www.kreml.ru

The Moscow Kremlin Cathedrals

Pokrovsky Cathedral (St. Basil’s Cathedral) on the Red Square is a great creation of Russian architects. It was founded in the middle of 16th century to commemorate the accession of Kazan khan ...

Address: Krasnaya Ploshchad, 2
Subway: Ploshchad Revolutsii (3rd line)
Phone: +7 495 698 33 04
Site: www.saintbasil.ru
E-mail: shm@shm.ru

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

State Tretyakov gallery - one of the biggest and most famous museums in the world - was founded in 1856 by P.M.Tretyakov, merchant, benefactor and collector, and in 1892 he gifted the gallery to Mo ...

Address: Lavrushinskiy pereulok 10
Subway: Polyanka
Phone: 8-495-951-13-62
Site: www.tretyakovgallery.com
E-mail: tretyakov@tretyakov.com

State Tretyakov Gallery

Museum of Patriotic War of 1812 was established in 2012 within the new exhibition hall of one of the courtyards of the museum complex. History of the museum dates back to 1912 when the Histori ...

Address: Ploshchad Revolutsii, 2/3
Subway: Teatralnaya (2nd line)
Phone: +7 495 692 37 31
Site: www.1812shm.ru
E-mail: info@navalmuseum.ru

Museum of Patriotic War of 1812

The largest Russian museum was established by the emperor Alexander II of Russia in 1872. The collection of the museum completely reflects Russian centuries-old history and culture from ancient tim ...

Address: Krasnaya Ploshchad, 1
Subway: Ohotny Ryad (1st line)
Phone: +7 495 692 40 19
Site: www.shm.ru
E-mail: shm@shm.ru

State Historical Museum

The spacious halls of the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val housed both permanent exposition representing the Russian art of the XXth century, and  various exhibitions of classic and modern art ...

Address: Krymskiy val, 10
Subway: Park Kultury
Phone: 8-495-953-52-23
Site: www.tretyakovgallery.com
E-mail: tretyakov@tretyakov.com

State Tretyakov gallery on Krymskiy val

Address: Solyanka, 1/2, 2
Subway: Kitay-gorod (6th line, 7th line)
Phone: +7 495 621 55 72
Site: www.solyanka.org
E-mail: info@solyanka.org

Solyanka State Gallery

Address: Moscow, Prospect Mira, 123б
Subway: VDNH
Phone: +7(495) 683 56 40
Site: www.moscowmanege.com

"Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" Exhibition centre

Liublino was first mentioned in the XVI century, but the form in which the manor has survived to the present day has been acquired at the beginning of XIX. It was the monet when the landlord N.A.Du ...

Address: Letnyaya St., 1, Bldg. 1
Subway: Volzhskaya (10 line)
Phone: +7 915 350-15-53
Site: www.mgomz.ru
E-mail: info@mgomz.ru

Lublino Museum-Reserve

Izmailovo – the country Tsar's residence – is a majestic estate with beautiful architectural monuments. The Monarchic court is located on the man-made island and the stone bridge connected it with ...

Address: Gorodok imeni Baumana St., 2, Bldg. 14
Subway: Partizanskaya (3 line)
Phone: +7 499 165-13-36
Site: www.mgomz.ru
E-mail: info@mgomz.ru

Izmailovo Museum-Reserve

“The Russian fairy-tale” - The Wooden Palace of Alexey Mikhailovich built in the second half of the 17th century in Kolomenskoye is considered to be one of the best masterpieces of Russian wooden a ...

Address: 2nd Dyakovo Gorodishche St., 27
Subway: Kashirskaya (2 line, 11 line)
Phone: +7 499 782-89-01
Site: www.mgomz.ru
E-mail: info@mgomz.ru

The Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich in Kolomenskoye

Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve was a Moscow residence of tsars and emperors. Kolomenskoye represents a nationally preserved landscape with unique flora. There is the Church of the Ascension — a monume ...

Address: Andropova Ave., 39
Subway: Kolomenskaya (2 line)
Phone: +7 495 120-05-20
Site: www.mgomz.ru
E-mail: info@mgomz.ru

Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve

Experimentanium is a place of fascinating study of scientific laws and world’s phenomena. Visitors are involved in experiments and scientific tests. More than 300 interactive exhibits clearly show ...

Address: Leningradsky Ave., 80, Bldg. 11
Subway: Sokol (2 line)
Phone: +7 495 120-05-20
Site: www.experimentanium.ru
E-mail: enjoy@experimentanium.ru

Museum of Popular Science Experimentanium

The AZ Museum is located in the center of Moscow at 20-22 Second Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, Bldg. 2. The AZ Museum was founded by collector and arts patron Natalya Opaleva and art curator Polina Lo ...

Address: 2 Tverskaya-Yamskaya 20-22
Subway: Mayakovskaya
Phone: +7 ( 495) 730 5526
Site: www.museum-az.com
E-mail: info@museum-az.com

Anatoly Zverev Museum

Bunker-42 was built in the 50s for defense from nuclear attack. It is a large complex situated 65 m underground in the very heart of Moscow. It was completely outfitted with food storage, fuel, air ...

Address: 5th Kotelnichesky Ln., 11
Subway: Taganskaya (5 line, 7 line)
Phone: +7 495 500-05-54
Site: www.bunker42.com
E-mail: hsale@bunker42.com


Paleontological Museum - one of the oldest museums of natural science - traces its history to the first Russian public museum - to the Kunstkamera Museum of Peter the Great. The museums’ exposition ...

Address: Profsoyusnaya street, 23
Subway: Konkovo
Phone: +7 (495) 339-45-44
Site: www.paleo.ru

Paleontological museum

Museum of Soviet arcade machines gives you a unique opportunity to get back to carefree and colorful childhood. The museum's collection consists of more than 50 different types of slot machines in ...

Address: Kuznetskiy most st., 12
Subway: Kuznetsky most (7 line)
Phone: +7 499 261 11 47
Site: www.15kop.ru
E-mail: 0rub@15kop.ru

Museum of Soviet arcade machines

Here you can discover the history of Russian bread, its production methods and special recipes. A guide will tell you about the tradition of baking and the devices for baking dough products which h ...

Address: Izmailovskoe Hwy., 73 Zh
Subway: Partizanskaya (3 line)
Phone: +7 495 215-54-37
Site: www.kremlin-izmailovo.com/muzei/muzey-hleba
E-mail: pressa@i-kremlin.ru

Museum of Bread

Vodka History Museum is indeed one the most unusual museums in Moscow. The museum exhibition includes more than 500 unique exhibits, from a variety of bottles, labels and types of the drink to the ...

Address: Izmaylovskoe, 73/Zh
Subway: Partizanskaya (3rd line)
Phone: +7 499 166 50 97
Site: www.vodkamuseum.ru
E-mail: museumvodka@kremlin-izmailovo.com

Vodka History Museum

The first Russian folk toys looked like a slightly carved knots and most of them represented birds with cautiously stretched neck. The homeland of such toys was Sergeyev Posad, a small city near Mo ...

Address: Izmailovskoe Hwy., 73 Zh
Subway: Partizanskaya (3 line)
Phone: +7 495 215-54-37
Site: www.kremlin-izmailovo.com/muzei/muzey-russkoy-narodnoy-igrushki
E-mail: pressa@i-kremlin.ru

Museum of Russian folk toys

Address: Goncharnaya ulitsa, 3/1
Subway: Taganskaya (5th line)
Phone: +7 495 221 52 83
Site: www.russikona.ru
E-mail: russikona@yandex.ru

Museum of Russian Icons

Alexander Goldenveiser is one of the greatest musicians of the late 19th — early 20th century, a remarkable pianist, composer, professor and director of the Moscow Conservatory. The museum tells a ...

Address: Tverskaya St., 17, Apt. 110
Subway: Tverskaya (2 line)
Phone: +7 495 629-29-29
Site: www.glinka.museum
E-mail: info@glinka.museum

Museum-apartment of Goldenveizer

In this apartment Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky had been working on the Second Symphony, music for Ostrovsky’s Snow Maiden and his other great works. In November 2014 shortly before the 175th composer’s ...

Address: Kudrinskaya Sq., 46/54
Subway: Barrikadnaya (7 line)
Phone: +7 495 691-15-14
Site: www.glinka.museum
E-mail: info@glinka.museum

Museum «Tchaikovsky and Moscow»

A quaint museum of the outstanding musician and band-master Nikolay Golovanov is located in the Bolshoi Theater artists’ house. There is a variety of memorial items: antique furniture, rare books, ...

Address: Bryusov Ln., 7, Apt. 10
Subway: Okhotny Ryad (1 line)
Phone: +7 495 629-70-83
Site: www.glinka.museum
E-mail: info@glinka.museum

Nikolay Golovanov Apartment Museum

Sergei Prokofiev is a renowned Russian composer, pianist and conductor of the 20th century. His operas and ballets War and Peace, Player, The Love for Three Oranges, Boris Godunov are known through ...

Address: Kamergersky Ln., 6
Subway: Okhotny Ryad (1 line)
Phone: +7 495 692-05-67
Site: www.glinka.museum
E-mail: info@glinka.museum

Museum of Sergey Prokofiev

The Glinka Museum of Musical Culture is the largest treasure house of musical culture relics and a major centre of musicology and history of music. The museum collection includes rare musical instr ...

Address: Fadeyeva St., 4
Subway: Mayakovskaya (2 line)
Phone: +7 495 739-39-87
Site: www.glinka.museum
E-mail: info@glinka.museum

The Glinka Museum of Musical Culture

The memorial Bulgakov museum is located in the legendary flat 50 on Bolshaya Sadovaya, 10 where he lived in 1921-1924. This place is considered to be the real prototype for the “wicked flat” from h ...

Address: Bolshaya sadovaya 10 flat 50
Subway: Mayakovskaya
Phone: +7(495) 699-53-66
Site: bulgakovmuseum.com
E-mail: bulgakovmuseum@gmail.com

Bulgakov museum

This wooden house belonged to the great uncle of the poet — Vasily Pushkin, a famous poet of the early nineteenth century. The collection includes the works of fine and decorative arts, furniture a ...

Address: Staraya Basmannaya St., 36
Subway: Krasnye Vorota (1 line)
Phone: +7 499 263-10-57
Site: www.pushkinmuseum.ru
E-mail: info@a-s-pushkinmus.ru

House-Museum of Pushkin at the Staraya Basmannaya

The museum exposition occupies the entire house of Arbat. On the ground floor you can find prints, watercolors, original subjects of the nineteenth century, telling about the theaters, shops, music ...

Address: Arbat St., 53
Subway: Smolenskaya (3 line, 4 line)
Phone: +7 499 241-92-95
Site: www.pushkinmuseum.ru
E-mail: info@a-s-pushkinmus.ru

Pushkin memorial apartment on the Arbat

State Pushkin Museum opened its doors to publiс in one of the most beautiful Moscow mansions — luxurious manor in Prechistenka. Moscow is the hometown of Pushkin: he was born and spent his childhoo ...

Address: Prechistenka St., 12
Subway: Kropotkinskaya (1 line)
Phone: + 7 495 637-56-74
Site: www.pushkinmuseum.ru
E-mail: info@a-s-pushkinmus.ru

State Pushkin Museum

The museum offers its visitors the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the first third of the twentieth century, as well as to get acquainted with the biography and works of Andrey Bely — o ...

Address: Arbat St., 55
Subway: Smolenskaya (3 line, 4 line)
Phone: +7 499 241-77-02
Site: www.pushkinmuseum.ru
E-mail: info@a-s-pushkinmus.ru

Memorial Apartment of Andrei Bely

The Museum is located close to the Bulgakov’s famous “wicked flat”. Theater-museum The Bulgakov house and Bulgakov Museum are two different museums connected only with the common theme of the expos ...

Address: Bolshaya Sadovaya St., 10, entrance to the arch, floor 1
Subway: Mayakovskaya (2 line)
Phone: +7 (963) 750 27 41, +7 (903) 768 02 04
Site: www.dombulgakova.ru
E-mail: 6509553@mail.ru

Theatre-Museum Bulgakov house

State Darwin museum is one of the largest museums of natural sciences. Numerous exhibits, stuffed animals, skeletons, models, shells and interactive items give you the opportunity to learn everythi ...

Address: Vavilova, 57
Subway: Akademicheskaya (6th line)
Phone: +7 499 783 22 53
Site: www.darwinmuseum.ru
E-mail: info@darwin.museum.ru

State Darwin Museum

The collection of this outstanding museum is the result of a comprehensive study of the life and customs of the people who had been practicing harm as legal and conventional means of influencing th ...

Address: Arbat, 25/36
Subway: Arbatskaya (3rd line)
Phone: +7 919 965 49 39
Site: www.pereverzev.su
E-mail: pereverzev3@yandex.ru

Museum of the History of Corporal Punishment

In the Institute of Russian realist art (IRRA) you can see the works that will be worth millions of dollars after a hundred years. Today the museum’s exhibition is considered to be one of the fines ...

Address: Derbenevskaya naberezhnaya, 7/31
Subway: Mayakovskaya (Green line, M3), Ploshchad Vosstaniya (Red line, М1)
Phone: +7 495 276 12 12
Site: www.rusrealart.ru
E-mail: info@rusrealart.ru

Institute of Russian Realist Art

Schusev State Museum of Architecture forming part of the USSR Academy of Architecture was founded on January 1, 1934. It appears to be the first museum dedicated to architecture in the world. Numer ...

Address: Vozdvizhenka, 5/25
Subway: Alexandrovsky Sad (4th line)
Phone: +7 495 691 21 09
Site: www.muar.ru
E-mail: info@muar.ru

Schusev State Museum of Architecture

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is the first Russian museum, which collection is based not on the artefacts, but on interactive gadgets. This is one of the most modern museums not only in Russia ...

Address: Obrazcova, 11
Subway: Maryina Rosha (10th line)
Phone: +7 495 645 05 50
Site: www.jewish-museum.ru
E-mail: info@jewish-museum.ru

Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center

The Museum of Contemporary History of Russia has been opened in 1924 on Tverskaya Street in the building that is considered an architectural monument of late classicism of the XVIII century. The mu ...

Address: Tverskaya, 21
Subway: Tverskaya (2nd line)
Phone: +7 495 699 54 58
Site: www.sovr.ru
E-mail: sovrhistory@mail.ru

The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia

Barashka Restaurant is a true Bakuvian patio that suddenly turned into a trendy modern restaurant. Each of the three Barashka restaurants gives you the opportunity to taste the real ...

Address: 1905 Goda St., 2. Petrovka St., 20/1. Arbat St., 21, Bldg. 1
Subway: Ulitsa 1905 Goda. Kuznetskiy Most, Trubnaya. Arbatskaya, Smolenskaya
Phone: +7 495 653-83-03. +7 495 625-28-92. +7 495 228-37-30.
Site: www.novikovgroup.ru

Barashka Restaurant

The world-famous opera singer Fyodor Shalyapin, Lola Tornagi, his Italian wife, and their five children had been living here for 12 years. Shalyapin’s house was often visited by Gorky, Rachmaninoff ...

Address: Novinsky Blvd., 25-27
Subway: Barrikadnaya
Phone: +7495605-62-36,+7499255-98-64
Site: www.glinka.museum

Shalyapin House-museum

The Museum’s exposition is devoted to the history of chocolate – from its preparation by the Indians of Mesoamerica (Mayan and Aztec) to its first appearance in Europe and Russia. Apart from t ...

Address: Izmailovskoe Hwy., 73 “G”
Subway: Partizanskaya
Phone: +7 495 215-54-37
Site: www.kremlin-izmailovo.com/ muzei/muzey-shokolada

Museum of chocolate

Vadim Sidur is a renowned Soviet sculptor who has received worldwide recognition. After returning from the the Great Patriotic War, he graduated from the Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts wh ...

Address: Novogireevskaya street 37, 2.
Subway: Perovo
Phone: +7 812 571-9782
Site: moscowmanege.ru

Vadim Sidur Museum